Google reCaptcha

Setting Up Google Invisible reCaptcha to work with your LaraPass App.

Sign Up

Go to and Sign Up for Google's reCaptcha Services.

{primary} Google reCaptcha is a Free service provided by Google. You can use your regular google/gmail account for the same.

Register Your Site

Once signed-up, you will be asked to register your site.


Enter a Label/Name for the Key (for self-identification)

Under reCAPTCHA Type - Select reCAPTCHA v2 & then Select Invisible reCAPTCHA Badge as shown below -


Add your domains & sub-domains. Add localhost if you to test larapass on your localhost system under "Domains"


Accept Terms & Click on Submit.

{info} Once you click on submit, you will get your reCAPTCHA keys. Store the SITE_KEY & SECRET_KEY safely.

Add reCaptcha Keys to your App

Go to Admin Menu -> Settings. Under Application Settings you have two fields for Google reCaptcha Site Key and Google reCaptcha Secret Key.

Take the Site & Secret Keys you got from Google Console and add it here & click on update.

Google Invisible reCaptcha Service is now active.

Visit to test it out.