General Settings

Admin General Settings page of LaraPass v2 Personal Version


You can update basic information about your app like name, description, logo, favicon, copyright text, locale, etc from here.


App Logo

You can upload your App Logo & favicon from here. Be sure to upload a darker and lighter version of your logo.


You can select from any of the available themes here. The theme will be applied site wide.

Currently we only have a default theme available. More themes will be added soon.

Language & Locale

You can select a default locale / language from which will be applied site wide to all your users / visitors.

If you don't find your desired language in the list and would like to help us expedite the transaltions for it, head over to our Translations repo and open a PR for it. All contributions will be credited appropriately.

You can also enable Allow User Locale which will give your users the ability to switch between different locales regardless of your app's default locale.

Footer Copyright

You can display whatever copyright text you want to. The field accepts basic HTML styling and tooling - as such you can also add links in the footer using the <a href=""> tag.


You can Enable App Level HTTPS Redirection by setting the Force HTTPS option to Yes. This will redirect all unsecured http urls to secured https urls.

{warning} We highly recommend using your web servers (Apache / NGINX) config file or the .htaccess file to setup and enable force https redirection instead of using this app-level redirection.