User Management

Overview of Admin User Management System build in LaraPass v2 Personal Version


Quick overview list of all the registered users of your app.


User Profile

View the user account information and their stats (vaults, sites, etc owned). Also perform a variety of actions such as - changing email address (will require email verification by user), viewing IP logs, verifying support pin and banning user account.


Change User Email

You can change a user's email address on request by the user themselves. You will need to provide the current email address (on the account), the new email address (to be updated to) and the user's Support PIN. Without the Support PIN from the user (inaccessible to admin's themselves), the email address on the user's account cannot be changed. This has been done to ensure users' that admin wont be able to modify their access without authorization.

Once the email address is updated, the system wil send a new verification email to the new email address. The user won't be able to access their account until they verify their email address.

View IP Logs

You can view the IP address, device, platform and browser used by a user whenever they login into your app. The same data is also available to the user themselves so they can monitor any authorize or irregular access of their account.

Ban / Un-Ban User

You can ban any user account by providing a reason. Once an account is banned, the user will receive an email stating when their account was banned, the reason for it and a way to appeal if they feel the ban was unwarranted.

ban-option ban-email ban-screen

You can also un-ban or revoke ban on an account and the users will be informed of the same.

banned-user unban-option unban-email