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Upgrade from v1.3

Upgrading LaraPass from v1.3 to v1.4

Automatic Upgrade

{warning} v1.4 will not be released via the auto-updater due to some issues with the updates server. With v1.5 we will completely remove the current auto-updater and an in-house build Updater will released with v2.0 (tentative release: 05-Oct-2019).


For Manual Update - Download all the UPDATED files for Larapass from CodeCanyon (Envato). You should recieve an email from Codecanyon as soon as the Update goes Live.

{primary} Keep the License File (with License/Purchase Code) safely as you will need it to activate LaraPass.

Extract all the files into a safe location. Extract the zip file named found inside the UPDATES Folder (the zip files contains only the files that have been updated/modified).


Open connection to your server using Bitvise SSH Client or CyberDuck

Navigate to your website root directory.

Upload all the files & folders you got from the zip_file into the server directory & replace all the existing ones.

Open the settings.json file (storage/settings.json) and update the following
"app_version":"1.3.x" (to) "app_version":"1.4.0",
Clear System Cache using the Admin Settings

And wola! Your LaraPass application is now updated to the latest release version.

{warning} Besure to activate Maintenance Mode before initiating the overrite/update and deactivate Maintenance Mode once the update is complete.