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LaraPass is a self-hosted personal password manager that allows you to safely & securely store all of your important accounts login info and details on your own servers thereby guaranteeing highest level of security and discretion 😏. LaraPass is build using the amazing Laravel PHP Framework (v5.7) and the beautiful, responsive UI is powered by the Argon Library (@CreativeTim) using Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3 & VueJS.


LaraPass comes with a plethora of features right out of the box. LaraPass was build for both end-users and those that may want to run it as a SaaS (require Extended License). Some of the features are listed below:

For Users

  • Folder Protection - Add additional password for extra protection of each Folder.
  • Folder Icons - Add different icons to folders.
  • PWNED Validation - Passwords are checked againt known compromised passwords and rejected if found compromised.
  • Account Notes - Add secure encrypted notes to each individual account.
  • Breadcrumbs - For easier navigation throughout the website.
  • Two Factor Authentication System (using Google Authenticator) for increased Security.
  • Get notified via Email whenever you log in from a new device.
  • Secure Vault Storage - Store accounts securely in vault (fully encrypted using multi-level AES-256 bit encryption system).
  • Password Generator - Custom build Password Generator to generate strong, highly secured password strings with just one-click.
  • Beautiful and responsive layout for immersive user experience.
  • Easily copy account details with just one-click.
  • Folders - Allows users to organize logins in separate folders to avoid any unnecessary confusion.
  • Quick Notes - Add important notes on the dashboard itself.
  • Accounts Exporter - Can decrypt and export all the accounts the user has added with one-click.
  • Receive Custom Emails for Verification, Welcome, Password Reset, New Device Login.

For Admins

  • New Custom Account Categories.
  • Privacy Policy Page - Build-in Privacy Page.
  • Terms of Service Page - Build-in Terms Page.
  • Search, Sort & Pagination - Users table real-time live search, sort and paginated results.
  • Breadcrumbs - For easier navigation through admin settings and menu.
  • LaraPass Installer included for simple few clicks installation experience.
  • LaraPass Updater helps keep your application up-to-date with latest updates automatically.
  • LaraPass Backup Manager - You can now take full backup of your application (files + db) with just 1 click.
  • Private Mode - Admins can set their applications to Private which disables public registraions.
  • Maintenance Mode - Admins can activate Maintenance Mode with Custom messages.
  • Overview - Get quick stats of the app performance.
  • Easily Update Application Settings (Name, Logo, Favicon, Email, Privacy/TOS Links, etc) from the Admin Menu.
  • Cookie Consent - In compliance with EU Laws, LaraPass will take consent from the user for storing cookies.
  • Easily Update Mailer Settings (for Transactional Emails) from the Admin Menu.
  • User Profiles - Add, View, Update, Ban or Delete Users.
  • Ability to Verify Support PIN when comminicating with the User via Chat/Email, etc.
  • Logs user's ip, user agent, login time, logout time and also sends email on successfuly login.
  • Admins can make quick announcement that is displayed on the dashboard itself.
  • Run Laravel Artisan Commands for Clearing Cache/View/Routes/Config/Compiled-Files with just one-click from within the admin dashboard.

SaaS Version

LaraPass SaaS Version is currently in development with a tentative release range of early October '19. The SaaS Version will be released as a seperate product due to growing piracy concerns from our interested buyers. All exisiting LaraPass (Personal Version - Regular License) buyers/owners will receive an extra $35 discount if they decide to purchase or upgrade their LaraPass License to the SaaS Version 😏.


LaraPass uses internally some open-source third-party libraries/packages, many thanks to the web community:

  • Laravel - Open source full-stack framework.
  • Creative Tim - Awesome people, thanks for Argon library.
  • Bootstrap 4 - Open source front end framework.
  • Vue - The Progressive JavaScript Framework.
  • techtailor/rpg - Random Password Generator & Encrypter for Laravel.
  • - Absolutely love the amazing people at Spatie.
  • pragmarx/google2fa - Google TwoFactor Authentication Library.
  • maatwebsite/excel - Supercharged Excel exports and imports in Laravel.
  • Font-Awesome Icons - Beautiful icons for app and folders.


LaraPass Docs are designed to guide our users through the installation process and help inform them of all the amazing features that LaraPass offers in detail. If you think there is anything missing in the docs, or you could make it more readable and better understandable for others, then visit the github page below and start contributing. Any contribution would be much appreciated & fully credited.

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