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Upgrade from v1.1

Upgrading LaraPass from v1.1 to v1.2

Automatic Upgrade

Use the build-in LaraPass Auto-Updater to upgrade your app from v1.1.x to v1.2

{danger} Make sure to take a full-system backup by either using the build-in Backup Manager or by manually backing up files to a different location before starting the update process.

Once the update begins, the Auto-Updater will activate the Maintenance Mode, update all the necessary files, run migrations (if necessary) and update any settings. Once the update process is complete, the Maintenace Mode will be deactivated.

{info} If is recomended to run the Laravel Shortcuts (Artisan Commands) found on the settings page to clear all the system cache once the update is complete.

A license verification check is performed before initiating the update, if your license file is missing, you will be required to re-verify your LaraPass License (using Envato Purchase Code).


Download all the UPDATED files for Larapass from CodeCanyon (Envato). You should recieve an email from Codecanyon as soon as the Update goes Live.

{primary} Keep the License File (with License/Purchase Code) safely as you will need it to activate LaraPass.

Extract all the files into a safe location. Extract the zip file named found inside the UPDATES Folder (the zip files contains only the files that have been updated/modified).


Open connection to your server using Bitvise SSH Client or CyberDuck

Navigate to your website root directory.

Upload all the files & folders you got from the zip_file into the server directory & replace all the existing ones.

Open the settings.json file (storage/settings.json) and update the following
"app_version":"1.1.0" (to) "app_version":"1.2.0",
"app_privacy":null (to) "app_privacy":"default",
"app_terms":null (to) "app_terms":"default"
Connect to your server using SSH, navigate to the larapass directory and run the following php artisan commands using the ssh command line (you can use Bitvise or Putty for SSH Connection) -
php artisan migrate
composer install
composer dump-autoload

And wola! Your LaraPass application is now updated to the latest release version.

{warning} Besure to activate Maintenance Mode before initiating the overrite/update and deactivate Maintenance Mode once the update is complete.