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Security Page

Strong security protocols to protect user accounts.

Security Questions

User's need to setup Security Question before they are Activate 2-Step Authentication. Security Questions can only be saved once and cannot be updated.


2-Step Authentication

Once the Security Questions are set, the User's can now setup 2-Step Authentication using an Authenticator App like Google Authenticator (GA).

Using the Google Authenticator App, the User needs to Scan the QR Code and then type the Unique 6-digit code they are shown in the GA App. Once LaraPass verified the GA Code, 2-Step Authentication will be activated for the user. Next time the user' logs into the system, they will be asked to enter their 2-Step Auth Code before they can access the app.


2-Step Authenticaiton can be Deactivated from the same page by clicking on the deactivate button and - Confirming Deactivation, Entering User's Account Password & the User's 2-Step Auth Code.