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Admin Overview

Application Overview for Admins

Overview Page

At a glance statistics of your application such as Total Registered Users, Total Accounts, Total Folders, Recent Registrations as well as list of all Registered Users are shown on the Application Overview Page.


{primary} We are working on making the overview page more informative and as we develop along we will be adding many more detailed statistics and at-a-glance functions for the overview page.

App Users

A table listing all the registered users of the site is shown on the Overview page along with their status. Admin can click on the User ID and view detailed profile of each of the users.

Admins cannot edit the contents of a user's profile, but they can perform certain actions as listed below :

Change Email - Users cannot change their Email Id for security reasons. They are required to contact your support and provide their Support PIN in order for you to be able to change their Email ID (after verifying the user's identity).
Verify Support PIN - You have a direct option to enter the support PIN given by the user and verify if that it correct or not.
View Login IP Logs - You can view the User's login IP logs.
Take Action - You can BAN/Suspend a user.