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Vault in Larapass is where all the Folders, Accounts & their respective Notes are stored after being Encrypted.


Here the user can store the link, login_id and the login_password along with any other details for any of their accounts used on/by any other services such as GMail Account, Facebook Account, Bank Account, etc


You can Add a New Account by clicking on the Add Account button on the Accounts Page.

Select a Category,
Add Link (with or without http://),
Enter Login ID,
Enter Login Password (or generate a unqiue one by clicking on "Generate"),
Add Additional Details (if any) &
Click on Add Account

The Account will be saved into the Vault and now on-display for the user on the accounts page.

You are provided with 2 options : Quick View and View Details

Quick View - Only the URL Link, Login ID and the Login Password for that account are showed in a pop-up.


Account Details - This opens a page with all the details of the Account including the Option to Edit Details or even Delete the Account.


Edit Account Details -


Delete Account -